No Destination

by Worlich

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released September 11, 2009

No Destination was written, performed, recorded and produced
in proud low fidelity by Nicola Serafini at Nowhere Studios.




Worlich Ravenna, Italy


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Track Name: Majorette
how's everybody? it's nice to be back got the sun in my eyes and i can't complain sticking hands in the nettles to feel like 6 again anyone? no one will notice if we do it quick enough i tried so hard yes god knows how i did i tried so hard but i can't move on
Track Name: Moon
what's the sense of all this why aren't islands sinking in the freezing warm of summer days what's the meaning of this mess you'll be sorry when i will leave these things behind driving to the moon i stopped locking the door 'cause i feel so lonely the sky is falling on my head i don't care if you don't i'll watch you rot from the sky i'm gonna leave tonight
Track Name: Sugarbones
i sit down waiting for the end the end of all i've never had i fade away i left the tears where you left my heart? one thousand rooms and you're here again are you?
Track Name: Hell
hell's a bed everything is dripping black walls and bye bye in a room a room on fire when you sleep push me away i'll never let you go cut me here i'll never let you go to disappear to dig a hole different colors a different door lock all belongs to me
Track Name: Crash Test Babies
cannonball thru my town waking all the neighbourhood all trees get cut sooner or later and all bands reunite we're crash test babies we're always here fireworks in my glass and champagne bubbles in the sky sea foam
Track Name: Laws of Gravity
and everyday is the fucking same if you are not around i'll kick and scream once more waiting for another day and if you say i'm going down here's where you'll find me unrolled tapes at the side of the road make my way to you i kick a can i stretch my eyes i make a face at the passing cars
Track Name: Bending Around Obstacles Like an Ocean Wave Hitting a Buoy
at the bottom of a muddy well in the cracks of a suburb overpass i know you lied the things you do and wasting all this time worrying when all i had to do was keep my mouth shut life is easy turning to the other side living is so easy tamed like little pets i know you lied the things you do the strings you move
Track Name: Winter Comes Again
winter comes again winter never betrays me they're sealing all the junkies, with the cement corks come over stanley's moonwalking to the cardboard door stereotypes and racies i laugh from the beam come on over winter i'm ready winter
Track Name: Transitoria/Tempus Fugit
moving like atoms spinning out of touch seems pretty good so far no destination tomorrow comes today and tell me how it feels living in the ashes living in the fog when everything clicks together just like a deja-vù
Track Name: Japanese Bonus Track
did you say something while i way letting the phone ring and ring and ring i look at what they've done to you there is not so much to hope i'm killing time to spend my time and waste my time at the same time vintage garage yellow neon sign and ice everywhere